Amarga Group was born from a profound enthusiasm & adoration to Indonesia and its culinary richness. More than two and a half decades, Amarga Group has been dedicating itself especially to the perpetuation of Javanese traditional cuisine. Amarga’s prominent brands, Dapur Solo Restaurant & Dapur Solo Lunch Box are well known for-
its distinguished expertise in creating Javanese signature dishes for the modern-day society, without leaving its unique and traditional values. All Amarga’s products are made with the inmost attention to excellence and originality, to make sure that every product is consistent in taste and remains authentic in the midst of the contemporary world where Western food is king.
Amarga Group


love Indonesia, especially the beauty of its nature, its cultural richness that is still unmatched, and the abundance of its culinary diversity. It has been Amarga’s deepest desire to bring Indonesia to the world by endorsing its authentic Javanese culinary. Amarga’s fascination to Indonesia and Javanese cuisine is the fiery motivation behind our fervent endeavor to keep developing high quality Indonesian cuisine brands. If you are in love with Indonesia as much as Amarga, you are welcome to join our dreams and be part of this proud Indonesian company group.
Amarga Group Amarga Group Amarga Group